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Why Would I Offer My Clients Lending Services? From Jumbo Mortgages to Lines of Credit

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Bradford Pine Garden City NY LendingBeing a wealth advisor is not just about investing and financial planning, it’s about being able to offer comprehensive services for every aspect of a client’s financial life. Clients come to me with questions about every kind of personal issue you can imagine, from planning for a child’s college education to starting a business. We talk about the normal ups and downs of everyday life and about bigger issues like new homes, elderly parents, and hopes and dreams for the future.

Part of achieving those goals often involves a new home or an investment in a business. I’m always looking to enhance the suite of services I offer to my clients, so I’m happy to announce that when someone comes to me with a question about these issues, I can now offer access to financing.

Through our new partnership with the Bank of New York Mellon, I can help clients access jumbo mortgages, construction loans, and investment lines of credit. Lines of credit are backed by your investments, which means, you can make your own money work for you and in return, receive very competitive rates. To learn more about how this works, please click here.

I do not receive any compensation for these services, which eliminates the middle-man and, in turn, a layer of fees. Again, this helps you receive better pricing and potentially a better deal.

The importance of full service

For me, providing access to financing is another opportunity to provide comprehensive service to my clients. Because my clients look to me for advice and support in every aspect of their financial lives, I look at myself as something like a financial concierge. My job isn’t just to construct and oversee investment accounts — it’s to ensure that, on every level, each client’s money is working for them.

In offering these new services, I benefit by knowing my clients can turn to and rely on me for these kinds of questions and issues. The more I can be a comprehensive wealth advisor to each client, the better it is for our client-advisor relationship as a whole.

The benefits of BNY Mellon

Accessing BNY Mellon’s private banking group also takes a lot of the legwork out of financing. Their team is now an extension of mine, which means you get immediate access to the right people. My clients are ensured the attention and time that they need in order to get the financing options they’re looking for, with the consistency and stability of knowing I’ll always be their main point of contact.

Of course, while BNY Mellon’s private banking rates are usually exceptional; I always recommend doing some due diligence to see if they make sense for a particular situation. In any case, you know that the BNY Mellon team is there and available to you — think of it as resource that you’ll always have, but without any pressure or commitment to using it.

I always like to position myself on the same side of the table as my clients, and knowing that I can be an advocate and advisor across these kinds of financing decisions, is part of how I can ensure that my business is always serving your needs. We are always here to work together to find the best options for you, so I’m thrilled to be able to offer such a powerful service as part of our commitment to being your financial concierge.

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Written by Bradford Pine with Anna B. Wroblewska


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Written by Bradford Pine
Bradford Pine Wealth Group – New York City Financial Advisors

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