Institutional Investing for the Individual Investor

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Institutional Investing for the Individual Investor

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In my continuing effort to improve the financial well being of my client’s, their families and you, I would like to share my best thoughts and thinking on how to invest in this complex and ever changing economic environment.

Looking back over my two decades of experience in the financial services industry, I believe right now is one of the most tumultuous environments for individuals looking to invest in the financial markets. From the deep lows on March 6,2009, the major indices have staged a massive rebound and have recently been quite volatile. Money markets yield very little as short term interest rates hover around zero. In addition, gold prices have been soaring to record levels. Unemployment is still abnormally high, and the Federal Government continues to spend money like there is no tomorrow. This economic data simply begs the question “What is an individual investor to do?”

It is critical, now more than ever to re-examine your portfolio and look at what risk characteristics it exhibits. It is vitally important to examine your mutual funds, stocks and or bonds that you have collected over the years in your various 401ks, IRAs and Individual accounts. You must look at the big picture, manage your risk and coordinate your investments regularly as the market oscillates over the next days, months and years.

I would like to introduce you to the institutional perspective. For years, the ultra high net worth, corporations and pension plans have hired elite money managers to invest and oversee their portfolios through good times and bad. These managers provided access for their clients to innovative investment strategies and high level asset allocation techniques that attempt to mitigate risk in down markets. In the past, participation required very large initial investments. You may not be aware, but presently these Institutional investment techniques are available to the individual investor.

As a wealth advisor, my main objective is to discover and take advantage of new investment opportunities and employ new strategies that help individuals reach their financial goals. By partnering with an elite wealth management firm I now have access, to the professional investment services of top institutional money managers, domestic and international, at minimum investment levels far below those traditionally required. I believe most people do not take advantage of this opportunity either because they are unaware that it exists or they do not believe they can meet the investment minimum, which in most cases is not true.


If you are seeking detailed information about rolling over your 401(k) or about managing your IRA, I highly suggest downloading my free eBook, “10 Tips You Need to Know About Your IRA Rollover”. This short book is packed with critical information that will help you make the right decisions about your retirement savings.

Written by Bradford Pine
Bradford Pine Wealth Group – New York City Financial Advisors

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