Will You Be Able To Retire?

Aside from the question of whether your spouse is ready for you to be around all day, making the decision to retire requires an enormous amount of preparation. How do you know if you’re ready? First: Know your expenses Knowing what you spend money on and how much you actually need is critical for retirement […]

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If You Don’t Have a Will, Healthcare Proxy, and Power of Attorney, You’d Better Read This!

I recently went through the heavy and mournful experience of making end-of-life decisions for a close family friend. Luckily, she had planned for the worst and provided clear instructions to the appropriate people about her wishes. It made things a bit easier, but it really drove home the importance of planning ahead and crafting a […]

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My Personal Experience On How To Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars on College Tuition!

My daughter Abby applied to college this year and as the acceptance letters start coming in, we’re getting to the stage of choosing a school. Of course, we’re thinking about important factors like education, quality of life, and location; however, like most parents, we also have to consider cost. Our interest in getting the best […]

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